STEM Pipeline Institute

STEM Professional Development Platform
K3 – 16 Educators

Launched in 2012 with the support of Lockheed Martin, NASA, U.S. DDOT, Morgan State University, Howard University, U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S. Navy, NOAA and SA-TECH
Managed by Partners Achieving Success, CDC

An institute that works in collaboration with universities, federal agencies and industry leaders to provide customized STEM content professional development platforms to assist with access and resources to aide K3-16 educators. Access and Resources includes; STEM content and materials developed by universities, federal agencies and other industry resources to support curriculums, to learn content integration and team planning with colleagues, engage subject matter experts (SMEs), experiences in hands-on activities and international STEM peer pen pal (teachers and students) collaborations for cultural exchanges.

The professional development experience is to develop skills to incorporate tools, content and data to establish a holistic STEM teaching approach. The educator’s experiences should elevate the students’ personalized and broader learning approach to achieve the next level. The platform is to assist teachers and educators to increase a broader knowledge base to be competitive and a valued asset to their students and institution. We provide engagement, outreach and strategic partnerships with resources and access to teaming and learning locally, across the state and internationally. Professional Development Includes:

  • Hands-On Learning
  • Evidence Based Presentations
  • Research
  • Teacher / Faculty Collaborative Team Activities
  • STEM Content Micro-Credential Certificate (20-30 professional development contact hours)


Professional Development Opportunities in Action!

  • Teaching Faculty and Staff STEM Contest to Win School/Class Awards!
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  • Register Today! ECASP Professional Development Boot-camp
    K-3-5 Learning Centers, Academic Centers, Children/Youth Development Centers serving ages 3 years to grades 8. After-school Centers with after school programs for students up to grade 8.STEM Content and Activities Training at NASA Educator Resource Center and Morgan State University Center for Excellence in Math and Science Education http://bit.Ly/ecaspstempipelinebootcamp
  • Boot-camp Date / Cohort 1: December 4th (NASA) and December 18th (Morgan State University)
  • Boot-camp Date / Cohort 2: January 29th (NASA) and February 19th (Morgan State University) 

Our 3 Cs for Educators Success for Student Success!

Today’s teachers should continuously connect in professional development, continuously learn, and continuously explore for student learning opportunities and resources both on and off school facilities. The school leaders and key faculty who plan and deliver academic content and activities must be encouraged and equipped with the best subject content, tools, strategies and creative instruction delivery methods to boost student learning involvement and knowledge retention.

Professional Development Necessity and Value to their Institutions


  • must help students connect learning content to real-world situations and problems. It can empower educators to manage classroom learning outcomes efficiently and effectively.
  • must develop students’ confidence to give the learners intuition to explore and enhance personalize experiences in exploration that will have an impact on student learning outcomes connected to success.

Learning Institutions:

  • must facilitate the teachers, educators and faculty to become engage in an empowering approach to the learning environment and activities to keeps the focus on student’s creativity.
  • must equip educators / faculty with appropriate knowledge and professional development experiences for their classrooms that will enable all students to have meaningful and valuable learning experiences and outcomes.

Platform Initiatives

  • Teacher and Faculty Professional Development Boot Camps

  1. Early Childhood Centers k3-5 and Afterschool Programs serving students up to grade 8.
  2. School Districts 3-8th Grades
    (Collaboration Support with Morgan State University Center for Excellence in        Math and Science Education, in Partnership with NASA- up to 30 professional    development contact hours and PD certificate given by Morgan State University   Center for Excellence in Math and Science Education) 

  • STEM Master T Shirts A series of motivation t-shirts promoting the mastery of STEM Education through the integration of creativity and exploration. View Selection http://bit.Ly/stemshirtorder
  • Teacher and STEM Educators – Earth Science Micro-Credential Certification Professional Development Hours w/ certificate signed by four universities (Collaboration of Morgan State, Coppin State, Bowie State and University of Maryland Eastern Shore
  • Youth and Teacher STEM Peer International Pen-pals (culture exchange through STEM activities.) 
  • STEM Content In-Classroom Webinars (Morgan State University Center for Excellence in Math and Science Education, in partnership with NASA) 
  • In-School Professional Development Days STEM Training Coordination Support with Resources (content, subject matter experts and resources)

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